CARGOHAUS, Inc., formerly called U-WAREHOUSE, Inc., was established and incorporated on October 11, 1988. Soon after, construction of the building started and was inaugurated on February 21, 1992.

On April 1, 1992, CARGOHAUS was designated as Customs Bonded Warehouse No. 125 under NAIA Customs Memorandum No. 09-92.


CARGOHAUS, INC., is a service provider serving the public sector with the purpose of being the best public customs-bonded warehousing and logistics facility: committed to continuously develop, maintain, uphold and integrate in its business activities a high regard to quality of service, preserve the environment, and uncompromising attention to occupational health & safety.
As basic consideration to the well-organized management of its human and physical resources, our company is committed to:

• Comply with all relevant regulatory, customer and other requirements pertaining to the quality of service, the protection of the environment and promotion of occupational health & safety of the employees and other stakeholders.

•  As we maintain our financial stability, we shall meet our primary quality objectives which include the timely, accurate and complete processing of cargo receipts and releases.

• Continually improve the effectiveness of our integrated management system that will reinforce our mission to aggressively and effectively promote customer satisfaction, prevent injury & health hazard to employees, customer and other interested parties and promote programs and activities that will ensure preservation of the environment.

CARGOHAUS, INC. is committed to these objectives by continuously motivating and supporting its employees, keeping its operational facilities abreast with new and relevant technologies, and conducting strategic planning for continuous development in our operational activities.
Our Competitive Advantage

We have a whole range to offer to our valued customers.

• A Warehouse Management System that is directly linked with its airline partners as well as the Bureau of Customs that make our processes efficient and effective.

• An online Tracking System that assures our customers of their cargoes' visibility anytime and anywhere.

• An online Billing Estimation System.

• A facility that offers complete line of services for all kinds of cargoes.

• A well-secured and safe facility.

• A team of professional staff that provides quality service to its valued customers.

Our Pride

We have earned our ISO 9001 certification, and it is all because of our commitment to provide consistent and efficient service. We are proud to say that we are the first to receive this certification among the Public Customs-Bonded Warehouses in the Philippines.

Currently, we are in the process of applying for OHSAS/EMS certification.